A Colourfully-See-Through Friday

As none of you know, but do now (ha!), The Cure is my favourite band. Recently, I had the pleasure of creating artwork for the one-off album cover contest being run by Secret 7″ and Talenthouse.

Secret7 ran a contest where artists could submit artwork for 7 different bands/musicians. Each unique  7″ vinyl single will be auctioned off on Record Store Day in the U.K. All the proceeds raised in this auction will benefit Teenage Cancer Trust.

Each band will choose their favourite 45 works to grace the cover of their selected song and the winners will be printed and hung at the Idea Generation Gallery in East London up until the auction day. The winners will also receive their own personal copy of their 7″ single signed by their respective musicians.

It was very exciting to imagine The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” because it’s such a fun song and brings to mind a frenzy of vivid colours and  feelings of happiness. Also, the project is such a unique way of raising funds for such an important charity. It will be exciting to see all of the works in total. There will be approximately 700 records designed by the winners, the bands, artists and some of the teens of Teenage Cancer Trust.

So here is my work:

A Colourfully-See-Through Friday

Here is my inspiration! The Cure – Friday I’m In Love (youtube)

And this is me wearing the original artwork for Friday I’m in Love!

Winners announced on auction day? Which is April 21.  April is approaching fast!


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