My Last Day In Berlin: An Experiment With Lomography

On a recent trip to Berlin I purchased a Diana F+ Mini camera for fun. I decided I would capture my last day only using  the analogue camera.

On the one hand, Lomo is difficult because it’s hard to judge distances from the subject, manual focus, and not knowing whether you got the shot or not. However, the draw to Lomo it’s spontinaity and the whole “shoot from the hip” motto. Lomo is candid.

One thing to remember with Lomo is you’re probably only going to like a few shots out of the whole roll. The good news is that since it takes pictures in half-frame a roll can go a long way.

I have to wonder about the printing process though particularly in dealing with double exposed photos and the switches between full and half-frame. How do I know if it’s done right? Also, I had used  a coloured gel filter on my flash at one point but there are no coloured pictures in my prints…?? What happened to them?

I certainly missed the instant gratification of the digital camera, but I will definitely keep trying with my Diana Mini!

Anyways, here are some shots of my last day in Berlin.




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