Anxiety and The Deep Sea

Anxiety and The Deep Sea

Here is my self-portrait finished. I made this to submit into a competition to design album artwork for Ladyhawke. The competition asks artists to design a self-portrait that represents Anxiety. Well, that’s my interpretation anyhow. 20 winners will be chosen to have their artwork printed on a 12″ vinyl copy of Ladyhawke’s new album Anxiety.

Win or lose, I liked exploring my own self-portrait (something I would not have  attempted) and the idea of what makes me anxious.

I think the sea is a beautiful thing, but the bits that are unknown give me an uneasy feeling. It’s deep, dark and shadowy. There is an entire world down there  so far from here that if you sunk nobody could ever find you. I think the fear of the unknown is very common. It’s what keeps us from following our dreams, taking chances, and persuing our passions. Sometimes it even prevents us from being happy and finding love.

This was an interesting project for me. A meditation. I never really thought about a self-portrait. It’s so personal. And it’s got me thinking that perhaps I need to start channelling my inner-Jacques Cousteau!



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