Doing The Work

Doing The Work

I was talking to a friend yesterday about a book called The Artist’s Way. She recommended this book to me as something I might enjoy. It’s a 12 week program to tapping into one’s creative spirit.

I was thinking about the program and, without having actually looked at the book, I assume it’s about ‘doing the work.’

Although I’d love to say I always feel inspired and everything comes naturally, the truth is that sometimes it is work. Doing the work is making time on a daily basis to be creative. Often when I sit down with a fresh page I have no idea what I’m about to embark on. I’m always thinking of ideas through out the day, but it’s figuring out where to start. At first it’s a bit of a struggle, but once I get going it just starts happening. The goal, I think, is not to be concerned with ‘perfect.’ The point is to do it. Not everything that you do will come out the way you’d like. The key is to keep creativity flowing and open.

That’s what I’m learning, anyways. Do the work. Don’t wait for the perfect moment of inspiration. The inspiration is inside you.
All you need are your tools and to make the time.

(mixed media, photoshop)


2 thoughts on “Doing The Work

    • travellingartista says:

      Yes, totally! Because art is both natural AND a skill. You’ve got to keep at it — and if you don’t see the results you want, try again or approach it differently– but don’t stop 🙂

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