A Panda Walks Into A Bar…

A Panda Walks Into A Bar...

Stop me if you’ve heard this one!

The first thing I remember wanting to “be” when I grew up (other than a princess) was a cartoonist. I have no idea what made me want to be a cartoonist except that I watched a lot of cartoons and I drew…a lot.

Two of my most memorable gifts were a binder full of paper and a Gremlins pencil case kit.

I practiced drawing by learning how to draw Heathcliff the Cat, Garfield and the Simpsons. My biggest inspiration, however, was my own cat George. I used to make little comic books based on George’s adventures.

I often think about what changes in us when we become adults. Why do we ignore our natural selves and become other things…

I started reading chapter 1 of The Artist’s Way recently. The author gives several examples of this very scenario of creatives ignoring themselves by going into fields and careers completely opposite of their natural intentions. Many of the reasons involve outside pressures– family, what’s expected by society and the stereotypes of the creative lifestyle– but so many reasons have been internalised, so self-doubt plays a huge contributing factor. What I learned from this is that the number one cause for someone not persuing his or her dream comes straight from the self. As I write this I wonder: if the self is strong enough to subdue a dream, then the self should be equally strong enough to support a dream. Then maybe it’s a choice….

The moment I bought this particular sketchbook back in October, I made a choice. I chose to support myself and my inner child artist. She’s been dying to come out and play.

This was my first page.


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