Fresh Fruit

I had this moment last night of wanting to dismantle my Society6 page (temporarily) because I feel like I went at it haphazardly. It feels disorganised and I think that comes from me– because *I’m* disorganised. Right now, I’m in a stage of experimenting,building skills, feeling out different styles and discovering my own all at the same time. All the work I’m creating feels different from the next. For some reason that bothers me when it comes to the whole presentation of it all. Individually I enjoy each piece, but to see the pieces together…I don’t know. Also, I haven’t really set any clearly defined goals or intentions for myself. I guess that’s what I mean when I say I jumped into Society6 haphazardly. As far as intentions, I’ve only gone as far as knowing I love to create and that it makes me feel good.

Where am I going with this? Right– I wanted to dismantle my S6 page. Re-vamp. Re-organize. Whatever you want to call it. Then when I was ready and sure of what I wanted, I would link to it again and make it available publicly.

<Cut to this morning> I log into my account and apparently someone has bought a little illustration of mine called ‘fresh fruit.’ Framed, even! I’m very grateful. I imagine it made this person chuckle a bit as it did for me when I drew it. Plus, who doesn’t love strawberries?! (Unless you’re allergic, of course…. an awful affliction, if you ask me!) I had a real feel-good moment like I had connected with someone in some way.

Anyhoo, it was really cool to wake up to some good news from the Society6 page and I’ll definitely be putting more work into my page and making more art available for print. It may take some time to get it the way I would like it, but I think it’ll be worth the effort.

Speaking of making an effort, I’ve been having the same thoughts about this blog. It just isn’t looking like how I envisioned it to be. So, I’ve upgraded and now I have to teach myself CSS. Hahaaha! Expect a lot of changes back and forth as I try to navigate the world of webpage design. Ahh, what have I gotten myself into!!??

If anyone has tips on webpage design, CSS, WordPress, programs for Mac etc., drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you. šŸ™‚

And thank you, again, to the person who bought ‘fresh fruit’…. really.

OH, and thank you to all my readers! I’ve just reached 20. Very cool. I’ve now been on WordPress for a couple of weeks and I really am impressed with the level of blogging out there. Reading blogs has become a part of my daily routine now. I really enjoy it. Ā There are so many inspiring blogs out there. Lovely…

This is become long-winded… Ā haha.



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