Mission Complete!

I finished off the final touches to Lil Spaceman’s Adventure this morning! I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. It’s a horribly inaccurate version of outer space, but.. HA! But I imagine that each character has a story– starting with Lil Spaceman and his Lil Extraterrestrial Buddy who joins him on his adventures. Then you have the planets,the moon, the alien thingys, stars, and other space beings just waiting for their own stories to be imagined.

Now we should all relax and listen to David Bowie’s ‘The Prettiest Star’ or ‘Space Oddity’ or ‘Hallo Spaceboy’…. 😉

I’ve uploaded to Society6 and I went full-on…

I’m not sure what sort of occasion would call for a Lil Spaceman greeting card, but… I’m sure it would be FUN! Haha

I think it looks sweet in a ladies athletic blue tee….

Well, I’m a bit sad now that it’s over..

Almost… !!

Then,  I decided I’d submit it to Ashton Kutcher for his @APLUSK Twitter background competition.  I thought it would be easy to design a Twitter background. That is not the case…. because there are so many fixed elements getting in the way. You can see that I’ve added in the APLUSK logo– cleverly, I might add…haha!

Have a looksee…

Okay, resuming sad… 😉


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