Paper Craft

It’s been a while since my last update. I can’t say I’ve been very creative the last few days. I’ve been very busy working. So when I’m not 40,000ft in the air, I’m either running, sleeping, packing, doing laundry, or something other than art. I’m getting a bit anxious about it. I don’t like going that long .. it just seems I have many things on my plate. I’m also getting ready for a wedding in Ireland end of June. So I have to work all my hours prior to that. So not many days off.

Having said that, a few days ago, I was fiddling around with some cool paper and card stock I picked up last week on a layover and here’s what I came up with…

The first item could either be a gift tag OR a luggage ID tag. So I left the inside blank to write a note or important ID information.

The second item, the bird, could also be a gift tag or a decorative item in a baby room. I think it’s rather sweet.

One thing I’ve learned is I am not handy with an exacto/craft knife. Haha!
I suppose with practice I could become more precise and err, less rough around the edges.

I also have this other blank card I designed that I forgot to post… sorry for the crooked photo. I love this card though. The coordinating envelope is black.

Well, that’s it for me for now….

I’m hoping to start taking more photos (at least instagrams!! haha) on my layovers so I can keep you up to date on my week. That would be something nice to do…while I’m out there in the world anyhow! 😉



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