Keith Haring Journals

If I stand in front of my mirror and gaze at my image, I see an endless number of different conceptions of how I look. I feel as though I have many different faces. I put them on and take them off, and my conception of other people is the same. People look different at different times. I mean completely different. It may have something to do with how they feel, but more likely is controlled by my feelings, my emotions, my reality at the time I am looking at them.
Usually the underlying fact that change is reality, that we are constantly changing and constantly in different situations, different states of mind and actually different realities
is ignored
or misunderstood
or misinterpreted
or confronted

Keith Haring Journals

Blog # 69

I’ve been working very slowly. Here’s a fraction of what I’m working on. Not sure how I feel about it… but it’s better than doing nothing.

It’s hard when you know, instinctively, what you want to do, but it just doesn’t translate on the paper. Then again, it’s far from finished. I never think anything is really that good. I generally feel satisfied when I’ve finished, however.


I’ve been away on a trip as you know so I haven’t had time to post here. Ireland was lovely as usual. I got to spend time with family and also meet some new friends. The country and people of Ireland are so beautiful that it makes it very hard to leave. Now I am in Italy to see the Cure today. It’s also my birthday. Lucky me, eh?

The reason why I am posting is because I found this picture that is art related. It’s so great. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

‘Silence’ by Joan Miro (Musee Pompidou)