100 and 2

Been really sick.

Sketchbook and stuff.



Found this…from that New Order show I went to on the 18th!


Post 100 and 1

I returned last night from a very brief trip to Toronto. I saw New Order again.

And I’m so sick today.

I started and finished this…

Acrylic ink on paper.

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I listened to The Soft Moon’s new LP Zeros all day on Soundcloud. It’s so good.

Rapid Eye Movement


Rapid Eye Movement

Mixed Media/Digital Animation


It’s my 100th post so I thought I’d try something new and different!

Also I opened up my Etsy Shop. Screw policies and taxes! Haha, just kidding. Not the really intend on making any money, it’s something I needed to do. Looking forward to adding more art to the store. But for now, it’s the blank cards.

Hmm, this 100thpost is rather anti-climactic. Thanks for all the following and stuff!

*one lonely balloon falls from the ceiling*


I worked on some drawings last night. I don’t know. These just came to me..

I like the idea of the egg as a symbol for transformation, beginnings, ideas and new knowledge. I guess I don’t think of it in the traditional sense of life and fertility. Though, I suppose it could represent fertile ideas. The egg is definitely a powerful image whatever the meaning intended.

Keith Haring said something about meaning and art in his journals. He said that it wasn’t up to an artist to have the final say on the meaning of his art. The meaning came from the viewer.  What does this mean to you?


Paper Bags

Back from a layover out east. I have a few days off before I go back so I thought I’d work on a few things. This morning I made..paper bags. Yes, paper bags. Like gift bags? I needed something to put my cards in so I improvised and I think they turned out relatively well especially considering I dislike wrapping presents and things.

Continuing on with the rest of the day, I am going to work on some drawings. Again, my mind is all over the place!

That last pic is the Shopmaster. He’s a real slave driver! Ha ha!






So I’m almost 2 weeks into this sort of ‘staycation’ and I think it’s going well for the most part. I’ve worked every day on some creative project or another. I’ve uploaded some of them in previous posts.  Mostly, though, I’ve come up with a lot of ideas. Ideas that haven’t been translated yet. That’s the hardest part I think– getting the ideas out there into the physical world.  It’s this weird mix of emotions — between excitement and confusion.

I’m also looking into a few call for submissions. Hoping I can meet these deadlines and be involved. More later on that, I guess.

I started working on an Etsy shop. It’s a long way from opening, but I’ve started working on listings. There are so many details to look after. I had no idea. It’s a little overwhelming. For some reason I thought it would be easy… NO! I mean, I just want to create things. I didn’t realise I had to come up with shop policies, figure out shipping costs …taxes?! …. etc. I feel like I need to take a course! So, yeah, it’s gonna be a while. I feel like it’s something I need to do as an extension of my art though. I can’t really explain why.

Hmm, what else? Well, not really art related but — as you know, I like to stay up late listening to New Order. Did I tell you that I’m going to see them in Toronto later this month? Awesome. But you know what else? I’m going to see them in New York on a layover! I haven’t got a ticket yet (it’s sold out) but I am determined to go!! To me, going to gigs of my favourite bands are like religious experiences. I love music for that. I love the feeling of being surrounded by the sound of your favourite songs being enjoyed with like-minded people (strangers or not!). I saw New Order open for The Cure on my birthday in July. It was my first time seeing them live and at the end, I wished for more. Lucky me!

If anyone has any Etsy advice, please drop me a line or a comment. Tips are very welcome!!!