Things The Cat Did Today


Meditations and Other Things.

It’s like all of a sudden it’s Autumn. The leaves have almost all fallen off and I saw the first snow flakes today.

Due to a couple of weeks of vacation, October will be a fairly light month of flying. On the one hand, I’m really excited for it. I’m calling it a staycation. I’ve decided to work a lot on art this month and see what I can get done. On the other hand, I’m anxious. Now that I don’t have many excuses, I’m wondering if the work will get done and what I will come up with by the end of the month. No pressure.

I was drawing today and I realised that drawing is a meditation. Sometimes I get so lost in what I’m doing. Even when the picture doesn’t come out right, at least I know I’ve done something for my mind.

Seems today I am obsessed with autumn, fall colours and falling leaves. The only thing missing is a pumpkin spice latte! Here is a snippet of what I was meditating (still am!) on today..

Hmm, what else? I’ve moved myself over to Cargo Collective… well, not moved. I just want a clean site to display the work. Now I feel free to write WORDS at WORDpress without feeling like I’m cluttering… if that makes sense! Haha. Believe me, I’m not usually a neat person, but the online me is 😉

My new home at Cargo is I’m still working on uploading images.

What else?

I’ve been thinking a lot of how I fit into this whole creative community. I see what other people are doing at it makes me question myself.  How  do you know if you’re on the right track?

I like this website called Creaturemag. I’ve been visiting it daily since I found it back in the spring. I like what people do there – – it’s a mixture of art, illustration, design, music etc. There are so many imaginative people out there. It makes me smile.  Anyhoo, I designed a banner for Creature a) because I like it there so much and b) so I could feel a part of it too!

You can see it in this mockup that Creature Matt made for me:

Here it is in full:



That’s it for today! Back to meditating…


Secret7″ Vinyl

Today marked the end of the Secret7″ journey.

I received a Robert Smith signed copy of my own Secret7″ vinyl design for The Cure’s Friday I’m In Love.


It’s hard to believe this journey started almost a year ago. The whole thing — from designing, to opening myself up to being judged, to seeing it in the gallery, and to receiving the final product — has been a real trip.  And all for an amazing cause: Teenage Cancer Trust.


I’m definitely looking forward to the next Secret7″ project.