I signed up for an interesting art techniques course designed by Tate Modern. The course covers, in 6 different workshops, the art techniques of some of their most loved artists/works.

Right now I’m learning of some drawing techniques based on the work and style of Henri Gaudier-Brzeska.

One of the challenges was a self portrait (via the mirror) done without lifting my pencil from the paper (taking the pencil for a walk, as they say).

Interesting results. I probably should have brushed my hair before I drew myself!

I’ll probably try this again. This is my first attempt.

(charcoal in sketchbook)


2 thoughts on “Self-Portrait

  1. aponr says:

    That is very cool, and it does retain the spirit of Gaudier-Brzeska (and I love charcoal, not an easy medium). I have always loved his sculptures (I think I have the red stone dancer lost in my blog somewhere), and the way he painted his faces, with all sorts of different colors (I like doing that sometimes). Pretty amazing you did this without lifting the pencil and looking at a mirror! That reminds me by the way of the mirror tracing task. A person with Alzheimer’s can learn the task (procedural memory), but cannot remember ever doing it before or learning how to do it, even when they were trained on this task recently and for multiple times

    • travellingartista says:

      I like his style too. To be honest, I never really heard of him until this course. I am surprised because I consider myself a lover of the “modern” art of this era. Lots to learn! I love the geometric angles, industrial, everyday, abstract. It’s kind of funny how were talking about the Lady of Shallot and how “reality” kills creativity. However, for these modern artists, reality (a very abstract one..) is the new creativity and freedom of expression. The everyday is art.

      I like this style and further in the course I will get to experiment more with his colour technique and more geometric lines/angles.

      I think this drawing style relies a lot on instinct. By not allowing the pencil to lift from the paper, the work must be done quickly and without hesitation.

      Interesting about the Alzheimer patients. Art is both talent and skill. You can learn to be good at art. I don’t think it’s necessarily 100% talent that you are born with. And even if you are born with the “eye” the hand must still be taught.

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