Garden Melancholia No.3

Still here..



Garden Melancholia No.3

Ink, Collage







Found Objects

I am working on the next chapter of my artist techniques course. Coincidentally, it is a chapter on collage…

Anyhow, the first exercise is working with found objects. At first I started with 10 items, but then the exercise made me use only 4 of the items. Here are the results of that exercise…

It has real feminine result, if you ask me. I mean, if it wasn’t me who made this, I’d assume a woman was behind this.

Garden Melancholia, in Context.





Garden Melancholia No. 1 & 2 


Ink, Collage


These pieces are slightly too large to scan. However, I thought I would share how they fit together. I put them up close to where I work so I can see them and get used them together. Perhaps this will help me with the pieces that follow.

I don’t feel as bad anymore when I see that my style and technique bounce around from piece to piece. I used to. You know– how some artists have a signature style? Sometimes it’s called “branding.” As far as I’m concerned, I feel different everyday. Inevitably it will show up in the work. BUT, having said that, I do enjoy seeing work  that so clearly fits together like this. It makes me want to create more. It doesn’t mean the very next piece will be created in the same vain. I have to go with how I feel.

In other news, I upgrade my Cargo Collective website. I finally took the plunge and bought more space and possibility. I’ll probably work on that in the next few days while I’m away at work.

I finally finished a roll of film. It only took a year! I don’t even remember what is on it. I re-loaded my camera with Ilford Delta black and white film. Yes, obviously inspired (obsessed?!) by Mark Borchardt.

The second annual Secret 7″ Competition will begin soon. They should be announcing the 7 new hosts (bands) who we can create album art for shortly…. I’m definitely IN to that. If I can manage, I want to submit for all 7.  So I imagine most of my December/February will involve this project.

Oh, also I’m going to Japan in January.


Garden Melancholia

Here is the drawing I showed last post. However, this time it is finished.

When I drew it months ago, I had intended it to be a collage. Somewhere near the end of the drawing I sort of blanked out. Now it is finished.


Garden Melancholia No.2

(ink, collage)

This really is a continuation of this collage, so I have decided to group them together under one title, Garden Melancholia.


Garden Melancholia No. 1

(ink, collage)

I hope to make others in this series of collages.

Here are some other collages I have done:


Give Me Fruit 

(ink, collage)

Tricks With MirrorsTricks With Mirrors

(ink, collage)


I’m still here. Just working on a painting currently. I have to leave for a few days of WORK work. It’s kind of hard to just step away in the middle of a flow but oh well.. what can you do.

I also found a drawing that I never shared here. A garden scene..

(ink on paper)

While I’m here, I thought I’d share with you a short film by Mark Borchardt. I’m a huge fan. It’s called Coven. I really love his documentary American Movie.  It’s the making of COVEN. You can watch it on UK Netflix currently. I was surprise how awesome the score in Coven turned out and the black and white film is a dream.


If you’d like to read a manifesto.. I found this. Very good. It’s BLAST. The Vorticist’s magazine.

ALSO, today is World AIDS Day. I’d like to provide a link to one of my favourite artists and activist Keith Haring who died of AIDS  in 1990. The Keith Haring Foundation  gives grants to children around the world in need and those affected by HIV/AIDS. His art is tremendous and even though he left this world too soon, he made a great impact with his art and his voice around the world.