I’m still here. Just working on a painting currently. I have to leave for a few days of WORK work. It’s kind of hard to just step away in the middle of a flow but oh well.. what can you do.

I also found a drawing that I never shared here. A garden scene..

(ink on paper)

While I’m here, I thought I’d share with you a short film by Mark Borchardt. I’m a huge fan. It’s called Coven. I really love his documentary American Movie.  It’s the making of COVEN. You can watch it on UK Netflix currently. I was surprise how awesome the score in Coven turned out and the black and white film is a dream.


If you’d like to read a manifesto.. I found this. Very good. It’s BLAST. The Vorticist’s magazine.

ALSO, today is World AIDS Day. I’d like to provide a link to one of my favourite artists and activist Keith Haring who died of AIDS  in 1990. The Keith Haring Foundation  gives grants to children around the world in need and those affected by HIV/AIDS. His art is tremendous and even though he left this world too soon, he made a great impact with his art and his voice around the world.


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