Daydream On The Train From Minami-Otari


Daydream On The Train From Minami-Otari

Chalk pastel on paper



2 thoughts on “Daydream On The Train From Minami-Otari

  1. aponr says:

    I read the title so fast I thought it said Daydream On The Train From Miami-Ontario! It looks like there is so much brightness swallowing the darkness. Or is it the other way around?
    How is Japan treating you?

    • travellingartista says:

      I really couldn’t day which way it goes other than the darkness is what separates reality from a fantasy or daydream (the light/vision). Like the brightness of the fantasy takes over so much it’s like looking through a tunnel or through blinders. A Daydream isn’t like a real dream. Your eyes are open. Reality is just momentarily lost. I think the motion of a train sometimes invites daydreaming.

      Japan. I like Japan. Everyone is very polite. I’ve had some wonderful experiences so far. I met up with a friend in Fukuoka and I made a new friend in Tokyo. Other than, I’ve had a lot of alone time. I’m like the only foreigner out walking around. Low season, I suppose. It’s a different feeling. Not good or bad. Just different.

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