Shut Up And Eat!






*Inspired by Cibo Matto’s “Birthday Cake”






Charcoal, pencil on paper

8.5″ X 11″


Update: September 2013

I’ve applied for a personal leave of absence from work (flying)  that will begin in December (possibly sooner). I am hoping to use this time to recharge my battery and focus on my art.

Over the last few months, I have found it increasingly more difficult to continue at a full-time pace while taking care of myself. Dealing with my Dad’s death has not been easy.  I recognize that I need more in my life than flying around from A to B. I have been neglecting my passion and my health.

My artistic goals are to learn silkscreen printing and possibly taking other art classes. I will also focus on creating a body of work with the possibility of showing it in public. I’m not sure if these two goals will coincide, but it will no doubt help to be in the creative environment for which I have been lacking.

I have some vacation time this month and October which I’m hoping will give me a jump start on my goals.

Today, I finally finished an acrylic ink drawing/painting. I’ve been working on it forever because, like I said, it’s been hard balancing everything. I’ve had so many ideas, but not the time, energy or focus to bring them to life.

I really wanted to learn silkscreen printing in London at Print Club London, but now knowing I will be taking this leave, I’m not sure I can spend that much money (accommodation is ridiculously expensive) if I’m going to survive not getting paid for a few months. There are other options closer to home…. I just really wanted to be involved at PCL.  Anyways…

In some ways, this decision to take a leave is a sacrifice– a sacrifice of money, lifestyle, and travel possibilities.  However, I think it’s absolutely necessary to my survival dramatic as that sounds.  If i am going to move forward, I’m going to have to take a step backwards.